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A Personal Update - Crowdfunding A Last Chance to See Grandma

Hello Everyone (or more appropriately, Anyone?)!

For any of you who’ve found your way here out of curiosity or because you follow me - I wanted to share/post on a personal note:

My 96 year-old grandmother is in the hospital, dying. She went in with two collapsed lungs, fluid in both lungs, leaky heart valves, and congestive heart failure. I haven’t seen my grandmother in 6 years, and she was the most important woman in my life, as well as joyously took to the role of my mother since my maternal example was good-for-nothing. Distance is the limiter, she lives in Phoenix, AZ while I reside in Indianapolis, IN. I’m also a poor working schlub, only having cleared just over $32,000 in 2015 and that’s WITH a Bachelor of Science degree in English - Professional and Creative Writing. Anyway, it’s not about that...


I’m attempting to raise money to afford round trip airfare, evenings in a hotel, a rental car, food, a nice flower arrangement and card, and finally a book that I can bring whenever I’m not sleeping a the hotel to sit beside my grandma and read to her. You can learn all the details at my crowdfunding website via here:


If you’ve found your way here and it’s not yet 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 21st, please make your way over to the page and read about the project? Once done feel free to share the link and story anyway you’d like, if you’re so inclined to help out a fellow human being get a chance to see their last grandmother one last time before she passes away...

Thank you for your time and attention, and if it’s not too forward/assumptive, for your curiosity in following that link and reading a little about what’s going on with me at the start of 2016.


Love and Harmony!

Archaeopterix Majorus


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