Marlene Pinnock, Grandmother Assaulted on Video by California Highway Patrol Officer, Files Lawsuit Against CHP

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Marlene Pinnock, the woman now famously-assaulted by a California Highway Patrol officer on the video seen 'round the world, now has legal representation. Her lawyer John Burriss, who once represented another famous beating victim, Rodney King, filed a suit against the CHP on July 17th, 2014 alleging police misconduct, violation of his clients civil rights, and the use of unnecessary excessive force.


Burriss said about the case, "Since Rodney King... videos have been the equalizer for vindicating citizens claims against the police. Although, in this case the CHP claim that video does not tell the entire story, it does show enough of the story to demonstrate that the officer's punching of the victim was horrific." In other headline news about the case, the suggestion by the CHP that the video doesn't encompass or present all the 'facts' in the proper context surprised exactly no one.


As expected, CHP Commissioner Joseph Farrow has already said he's 'shocked' by the video and promised an investigation. CHP officials, commenting on the incident, have stated that before the video begins the officer was attempting to peacefully restrain the victim of his brutal assault. According to them she was trying to walk right into oncoming traffic, ignored their commands, and was physically combative. Surprised was nobody at this assertion by the CHP in an obvious attempt to cover for the as-of-yet unidentified assailant officer seen in the video punching the 51-year-old homeless grandmother near a Los Angeles offramp.

In the complaint filed by Pinnock's attorney, Burriss alleges that the, "Clear intent was to beat her with such force that could have resulted in her death and is tantamount to attempted murder." His suit was filed following the highway patrol's subpoena and seizing of Pinnock's medical records from Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center, which also likely violates numerous privacy and HIPAA confidentiality laws.


Burriss insists that the officer involved should be terminated immediately, in reference to the CHP reassigning the officer to desk duty following the incident's subsequent popularity on the internet and social media sites.

This story remains one to follow, and one hopes that for once justice will be served against those who are trusted to serve and protect the public whom they so often bully and fail...

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