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Toms River, NJ Man Kills Family Dog, "Mocha," in Own Driveway, On Video, Authorities Dismiss Case w/o Charges

Several months ago, in April of this year, a man in Toms River, NJ turned off his TV. He got up and took the leash off its hook on the wall, the neck chain and clip of the leash rattled against each other, and Mocha, the family dog, came in a hurry because that sound means going for a walk.

The man took Mocha outside, maybe tied the leash to a fence post or light post or the water spigot on the side of the garage, and pulled his truck out slowly, leaving it idling in the driveway. The door ajar, he made his way back into the garage and got Mocha's crate out, grabbing a roll of duct tape and some plastic tubing, or maybe some dryer vent hose. He set the crate down, close to the back of the truck, just under the tailgate. Peeling back the edge of the end of the duct tape he pulled off several long strips and stuck them lightly to the back bumper, so he could get at them easy while he worked.


Fashioning quickly, but good enough, he made a kind of hose which ran from the muffler exit under the truck's rear to the ground beside his foot. He blocked the open other end of the tube to see if any smoke or fumes would escape near the tailpipe; nope, he'd done a fair job. Next he got up, untied Mocha, and detached the leash from her collar, and led her into the crate. So we aren't going for a walk, we're taking a ride, Mocha may have been thinking.

Next the Toms River resident used the last pieces of tape, and pulling the crate closer to him, finished taping off all the slits and vents on the crate, making it redneck-airtight. Then he simply attached the open end of the extended exhaust tube to the front of Mocha's crate, sealed off any little gaps or cracks where it connected with more tape. Then he got in idling truck and began to give it enough gas so that dark smoke would be coming out of the tailpipe. In full view of friends and strangers on the block around this Toms River, NJ neighborhood, the man then proceeded to gas the family dog, Mocha.


The appropriate local authorities were first to handle or respond to the incident and after weeks reached a consensus. Toms River Assistant Attorney Anthony Merlino gave a statement:

"The Township has decided not to take any action within its jurisdiction," adding, "There were extenuating circumstances in the investigation that led the authorities to conclude that it was not warranted in this instance." There was no information as to the nature or origin of the 'extenuating circumstances'.


Since local authorities were not taking any action, the possibility of the county prosecutor's office bringing charges was presented. Now, Ocean County prosecutors are investigating the case themselves, and it is an active investigation, according to Monmouth County SPCA Chief Law Enforcement Officer Victor Amato. Asked about the case in general, Officer Amato said in general it is illegal to euthanize an animal with vehicle exhaust.


Follow the link in the story to read a little more about the story; it seems like one to follow as this person really should be brought to some significant justice.

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